The SVOY restaurant has become a legendary meeting place for residents and guests of the capital since its opening.

We always have delicious and fun. And now we have prepared for our dear guests something special…


Today we present a new gastronomic offer in our Menu. These are original steaks on live fire made of the best kazakh meat, brought to perfection by the method of dry aging.

Steaks are not known to be suitable for steam of beef. Before becoming suitable for steak, the meat must undergo a maturation process that aims to change the connective tissues in the meat, making it more tender and rich in flavor.

And it is very important that the meat that gets into our aging chambers – was the best and high quality. To do this, I personally conduct a strict selection of raw materials and pay attention to almost everything – where the bulls were raised, what they were fed, in what conditions they were kept. After all, only due to compliance with all the rules of maintenance and feeding-the meat acquires a juicy layer, which melts when cooking, the heat passes through the pores of the fibers and quickly warms the meat.

We invite everyone to SVOY restaurant to try our unique meat menu.  Our steaks are truly natural, delicious and democratic.

One hundred percent absolutely honest Kazakh product of the highest quality will open a new page in the history of the Great Steppe!

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