It is no secret that in the restaurant SVOY beer is cooked at its own brewery, which is located directly here, on the second floor.

Any guest can see the whole process of making this wonderful drink.  Perfect for fried juicy Kazakh meat…

Restaurant SVOY is essentially a meat restaurant with a very good and saturated grill-menu.

It is ideal in such a situation to drink a piece of juicy fried meat with a sip of cold refreshing hop drink. In our brewery there are three most popular beers – light pilsner, dark stout and unfiltered el… We are very proud that we have set a high bar in the capital’s brewing, but in our restaurant, in addition to beer, there is also a wide variety of wines.

For real gourmets to find the right wine to your favorite meat dish – will not be difficult.

It is very important that the meat, which is served to your table, were properly selected appropriate drinks. Temperature, blend, exposure – all this creates the right and proper atmosphere at the table, allowing you to maximize the taste – and juicy steak, and the drink itself.  And, therefore, the pleasure you get -the MAXIMUM. –  We invite everyone to SVOY restaurant to try our freshly prepared beer, enjoy real Kazakh meat, feel the whole bouquet of gastronomic sensations and emotions.

And most importantly, our meat delicacies and steaks are really natural, delicious and democratic.

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