Privacy and seclusion.

In our restaurant complex on each floor there is a VIP for own!  Choose the perfect cozy place, hidden from prying eyes, where you can hold a meeting or celebrate any event that will be remembered for a lifetime!

VIP-hall on the ground floor

Capacity up to 12 people.  In summer there is access to the summer playground, which offers stunning views of the park Zheruyyk.

Beautiful view of the park at any time of the year. You can be private by closing tight curtains and holding any meeting.

Modern colors and interior solutions

VIP-hall on the second floor

On the 2 floor there is also a VIP hall for 8-10 people, with a separate entrance, separate bathrooms, which gives the opportunity not to intersect with individual guests, and this is convenient for holding VIP meetings, closed parties, conferences.

The big company will feel free, there is enough space in our VIP halls for everyone!


VIP hall karaoke on the third floor

It has closed access, a separate entrance to the restaurant and a separate elevator.

Capacity up to 12 people. There is an exit to the summer playground, where there is a wonderful view of Nur-Sultan.

Do you like singing and privacy? On the third floor we have a great offer for you!  Our VIP is on the third floor.

Large and cozy VIP, nice and modern furniture and individual approach to each guest when booking.